Туроператор. Год основания - 1992
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Sviyazhsk is the first Orthodox town in the Middle Volga region, it was founded in 1551 by Ivan the Terrible. The fortress town of Sviyazhsk is increased through the efforts of 75,000 people per 24 days. Among the complex of churches and monasteries of the town, there are some churches where have worked outstanding medieval architects Ivan Shiryai and Faster Yakovlev. The island has 21 registered monument of federal importance.

In 1990 Sviyazhsk was included in the list of historical towns and populated areas of the Russian Federation, and in 1996 it’s included in the preliminary list of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Back in the day of socialism the great Sviyazhsk island was completely forgotten. And just today we can study its history, and we invite you to step on its great land, and turn the sad pages of history of the conquest of the Khanate of Kazan by Russian Tsar. Sviyazhsk Island silently dominates above the calm surface of the river recalling about the grave suffering of people that build it, and those who centuries later "built" communism. The abbots kindly tell you about life in the service of God, will help you to see and to feel what is hidden from the eyes of the laity in our everyday life. A visit to the island will give you an unforgettable holiday away from carnal pleasures. Taking a walk among the centuries-old buildings of the island-town, buried in verdure, breathing the fresh river air mixed with the smell of bath house smoking pipes of indigenous people, looking from the height to the tranquil water surface, you can be alone with nature and great history and possibly therefore you will see in a new light what is happening to us today.