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Bulgar (Bolgar, Bolghar) is an ancient town located on the Volga river and is not far away from Kazan. The name of this town, “Bulgar” or “Bolgar”, comes from the word “Bulgarians” – that is how the people who founded Bulgar were called.

The history of Bulgar already began in the X century, but four hundred years later the town was entirely ruined by the Golden Horde warriors. Local habitants had to restore it from the ground – and they built many houses and mosques. Since that time Bulgar becomes more and more prosperous.

The town of Bulgar is unique due to many factors. Firstly, it is the northernmost Islamic architectural monument of the Middle Ages. Moreover, it is the only example of tatar-bulgarian culture of the XIII-XIV centuries, so that the settlement has no analogs in the world. Only this place can help us imagine the life of ancient times and tells a lot about Bulgarian cultural peculiarities.

Today Bulgar is a little town with old chambers, elegant minarets and a museum enclosed by a defensive wall. It is considered to be an essential historical monument, where could be noticed no changes since ancient times.